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Global demand for sustainably-sourced rubber is growing, but prices & supply remain unstable, and often with unassured provenance.

Everwin helps mitigate 3 crucial risks


Questionable provenance risks

Your customers can be assured that the rubber we source is safe from the risk of doubtful & irresponsible practices.

We ensure that our latex is sourced from respectable plantations practising sustainable management of natural resources. Our latex is certified to be produced in legally recognised and socially accepted working conditions and is compliant with FSC® requirements and global standards on Human Rights.


Unpredictable supply stream

Latex supply is unpredictable. It’s dependent on crop yields, which are influenced by seasonal anomalies and unexpected weather changes.

Throughout the term of your contract with us, we will keep your latex supply constant - safely avoid shortages of latex in times of low harvests.


Price dips & spikes

The real value of hedging is that it can give you a market advantage. We put you back in charge of your prices by helping you hedge exposures to seasonal price fluctuations and the unforeseen.

With Everwin, you can safely trade with your customers at more stable and consistent pricing.

Everwin shines as your credible & reliable trade partner in an industry with limited visibility, helping you protect and optimise your latex trades.

Complete FSC® traceability

Everwin Rubber | Complete FSC Traceability

FSC® chain of custody.

Our latex products enjoy full FSC® traceability throughout the certified supply chain to support responsible management of the world's forests.

Also, our close bonds with the field and rubber mills give us exclusive access to their operations, allowing us to help them through the rigorous FSC® COC Certification process

We regularly visit the stakeholders, stretching down to smallholders, and make sure all are fully progressive in their practices.

Everwin Rubber | Responsibly-produced Rubber

Responsibly-produced rubber

Human & labour rights compliant.

Our commitment to responsible rubber sourcing means we don't put people at risk in our supply chain.

That’s why our suppliers must follow international standards, such as those promoted by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), ILO (International Labour Organization) and United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

All our Tier 1 suppliers practice the "Employer Pays Principle", and their workers are free from any form of recruitment debt encumbrances, child labour, forced labour, trafficking, and the withholding of personal travel documents.

Hyper granular Insights

Everwin Rubber | Hyper-granular insights

We take it to the plantation level.

From precipitation to soil & wind conditions, we have superior knowledge on a hyper granular level.

We roll our sleeves up, get on the ground, and listen. We understand our stakeholders, speak the local languages, and pay attention to the early warning signs behind disruptive developments.

Also, our close ties with natural rubber latex majors like Tat Win give us access to business intelligence on supply-side trends, industry movements, and mission-critical insights.

These insights make us uniquely positioned to help you uncover opportunities before they become problems.

Everwin Rubber | Price Stability

Soften seasonal supply/price fluctuation impacts

Flexible & fluid, market responsive approach.

We help you mitigate supply/price risks through a flexible & fluid, market-responsive approach - when the market oversupplies, we absorb the surge. In times of market shortage, we secure uninterrupted supply.

This approach offers an optimised supply/price position that softens price spikes and market shortages. Ultimately, you will always have a sustainable supply of latex at stable prices.

Experienced problem-solvers

Everwin Rubber | Problem-solvers

We think about what concerns you.

Over 11 years of solving clients' challenges have helped us develop a good system to anticipate potential problems.

One example is how we transport latex for different seasons. In winter, latex cargo is insulated with polyfoam to protect it from the temperature changes that occur from the tropics to your destination port.

Also, a big part of getting a problem solved is the attitude towards it - we take ownership of the process and think from your perspective.

Excellence does not happen by chance.
Everwin Rubber | Guided by tradition, driven by higher intention

Guided by tradition, driven by higher intention

Everwin was founded by 2 brothers from a family spanning 3 generations in rubber. Everwin's skilful & resolute adaption to an ever-changing environment, together with the collective family experience, have defined Everwin into what it is today.

A seemingly simple question has been Everwin's north star, one that we have repeatedly asked, answered, and asked again:

How can we do better for our clients?

From risk mitigation solutions to FSC® COC management system adoption & human rights compliance, Everwin's meticulous approach is built around your needs for sustainability, transparency and accountability. And the world's largest brands trust this to be true.

We believe in building a better world, 1 deal at a time.

Natural rubber grades

HA latex concentrate
LATZ latex concentrate
EWR20 grade block rubber
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